Dead Space 2 will have better controls

There were quite a few complaints about Dead Space’s controls on the PC. Fortunately, it seems that Dead Space 2 wont have the control issues from the first game. One of the devs working on the sequel confirmed, in an interview with CVG, that Dead Space 2 will not suffer from the same control problems that plagued the first game. They even bashed the first game and stated that the controls were literally aimed at players with game pads and the use of a mouse and keyboard when playing was an afterthought.

Some of the PC community felt slightly let down by the first game’s controls, which were a bit ‘juddery’ and slow. Have you fixed this problem?

Yeah – we’ve heard that feedback. That’s something we’re focused on trying to improve. Not to sound snarky, but with Dead Space, honestly, the way we’re playing it is with a gamepad. Even if you’re a PC guy – if you have one – stick [your pad] in your PC and play the game with that.

That’s the thing when we’re working on it that we have every day and we have readily available. But this time out we have people dedicated on working to improve the controls for PC players.

Out of the box, we’re hopeful the PC version this time will respond a lot better and that people will be a lot more comfortable and happier with the controls. That is feedback we’ve heard and we’re certainly trying to address it.