New Crysis 2 information

New Crysis 2 details have arrived and we are going to see our old friend nomad once again.

– You play as Jake ‘Nomad’ Dunn.
– Compared to Crysis there will be more openness and freedom of choice, larger gameplay areas and more tactical warfare.
– Nanosuit 2 will give players more freedom in how to tackle situations in the battlefield.
– The different aspects of nanosuit 2 are designed to further encourage experimental and fit-for-your-own-style usage of nanosuit’s features.
– Cevat thinks that the weakest parts of Crysis were 1) the story, which lacked originality and details 2) the on-rails gameplay style in the end and 3) that there were no console versions.
– Compared to the majority of console games, the console gamers will see Crysis 2’s freedom and openness as a new and interesting gameplay style.
– The player has again the freedom of choosing what weapons to use and how to use them, or how to take advantage of the environment.
– Crysis 2 will again feature the familiar “Veni Vidi Vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered) gameplay style.
– In Crysis 2 Crytek will, of course, try to surpass the previous Crysis games in graphical splendour and technical features.
– Setting the events of Crysis 2 to New York City was a result of a long thought process; Crytek did not choose New York City because of “console limitations”.
– With three previous games set in the jungle Crytek decidedly wanted to avoid making a fourth “jungle game”.
– New York as the setting was chosen in the early stages of development; Crytek wanted to see Nomad in a metropol and make the area as a huge sandbox for the player.
– Compared to jungle, urban environment offers more opportunities for gameplay based on vertical differences and the player will have more freedom to choose how to progress and plan out attacks.
– Player will be able to, for example, jump between floors and buildings, and roll down along a crater wall.
– Cevat did not want to share details on Crysis 2 multiplayer… yet.
– The transition from one nanosuit ability to another will be “softened” in Crysis 2: for a short while before speed changes to power, the player will have both abilities in his possession.
– In the battle against the aliens, New York City will offer plenty of architecture that the player can destroy, protect, climb on and take advantage of.
– Fighting against the alien invasion will be “catastrophically beautiful”.
– Crytek have tried to actively avoid of using dark dystopian colors and tones that have been plaguing many games these days.
– Details on the story will not be revealed until summer.

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