Nvidia Cancels Mainstream Fermi Cards?

The heavy power demand doesn’t translate well when we transition over to the mainstream area. Could you imagine having an even more cut down version of existing cards and failing to meet the thermal and power demands of your competition? Well it seems nvidia caught themselves in the act and decided to go with a new core. The GF104 core will be the new architecture leading nvidia’s return with more competition not only for the mainstream market, but for the high end market as well. However, I would like to stress that this rumor derived from fuzilla. So, keep in mind this is strictly a rumor floating around the web.

Nvidia’s mainstream Fermi generation got canceled. It’s not tragic, as the promising GF104 architecture takes over and Nvidia’s future mainstream as well as entry level chips will be based on this improved architecture.

There are two chips to come after the GF104, the GF106 and finally the cheapest and slowest GF108.

Both of these chips are expected for back to school so Nvidia can have the final DirectX 11 portfolio ready for August, just before the start of the shopping spree in western hemisphere.

Source: fudzilla.com