Dead Space 2 set to fail?

It seems that Dead Space 2 is “a little more focused on action horror as opposed to survival horror.” They claim that it is only a little bit toned down, and hopefully it won’t be that much.

Speaking to IGN, senior vice president and head of Visceral Games, Nick Earl, offered a few more details about the anticipated project — namely, that action and polish are at the forefront of the sequel. Earl even compared the effort with two non-EA franchises known for their undiluted intensity.

“I can tell you that we’re a little more focused on action horror as opposed to survival horror. We just created a really beautiful sequence that we’re showing internally — we haven’t showed it externally yet, but we will get it out there soon — that I think speaks to the high voltage nature of the game,” he said. “Some really strong action sequences that I think are on par with the level that we’re seeing in the Modern Warfare series and with the level that we’re seeing in Uncharted. Just beautiful, visual imagery and very electric action.”

He also said that Dead Space 2 will see further polish, “… which is saying a lot since Dead Space was so highly rated.”

In addition, it seems that there won’t be a PC version.

Those EA Financials from earlier had one last surprise, as the listing for Dead Space 2 in their Fiscal Q4 2011 has the entries for consoles and handhelds ticked off, but there is no mark under PC. We inquired if this meant the PC edition was coming at a later date not reflected on that schedule, and were told by EA public relations that: “As of right now a PC sku is not in the plan.” Our requests for an explanation went unanswered, so we don’t know the reasons for the change. On a related note, the remainder of that Dead Space 2 teaser image is now online.