Top 5 E3 Disappointments for PC Gamers

E3 is now over, but PC gamers are left with an awful stench in the air. Let’s take a look at what caused this foul smell to form in our list of top E3 disappointments that upset PC gamers.

Number 5: Crytek’s new game: Kingdoms

Usually Crytek and PC gamers are the best of friends. However, this time the trailer suggested that the new IP from the beloved Crytek is an xbox 360 exclusive. Whether or not we will actually see a PC version is still up in the air at this point.

Number 4: Warhammer: Space Marines

Continuing the console only trend for PC developers, relic seems to be releasing the upcoming third person action RPG without the PC in the mix. This is an odd decision considering there are a lot of fans of Warhammer on the PC side of things. In addition, there is already a petition to get the game on the PC platform. Fortunately, PC gamers can still look forward to the new Warhammer MMO.

Number 3: The new Medal of Honor

Nevermind the fact that it reminds quite a few people of Modern Warfare 2 or Bad Company 2, the game is actually priced at $60. On the PC, game developers do not pay royalties so the price increase comes to PC gamers as a bit of a shock as more PC games seem to be going for the $60 route. To make things even worse this news comes to us right around E3. That’s right, soon after we got a taste of the gameplay we get news of an open beta, but then they slam us with the price tag.

Number 2: Lack of Crysis 2 PC footage

PC gamers have been awaiting PC footage of the next graphic king for some time so see how it actually compares to the first Crysis. There is a lot of hype suggesting that Crytek simply wont live up to expectations on the PC side of things. Can they really deliver a more graphically intense shooter compared to the complexity of the first game? Unfortunately, that question is still buzzing around PC gamer’s heads as we stare at xbox 360 footage.

Number 1: Valve’s E3 Surprise

Okay, so the surprise isn’t bad for everyone. In fact, as a PC gamer myself I welcome portal 2 to the PS3. However, this isn’t the surprise PC gamers and other Valve fans were expecting. We wanted to see HL2 episode 3 or some other epic announcement. In addition, the surprise was poorly handled from the start. They canceled some portal 2 stuff at E3 for some other surprise. A few weeks later they cancel thier press conference and then they go back to saying the surprise is actually portal 2 related. Mr. Newell really let his fans down with this one.

However, there were some good aspects of E3. There are a hell of a lot of multi-platform games coming out like the next Star Wars game. In addition, every day that passes brings us closer to StarCraft 2 on July 27th! So, what are your thoughts? Did you agree with this list? Perhaps you have your own set of disappointments you would like to share with us. What are you waiting for? Share your E3 experience with us below!