Kaby Lake Officially Announced

kaby lake

This comes after Intel’s news of the series already shipping. And Zen.

Putting another wooden stake in the original tick-tock strategy that Intel has been using for years, Kaby Lake has been announced as the new 7th generation of Core i5/i7 series processors. The improvements however, seem to be more of optimization; the manufacturing process continues to be 14nm (since 10nm is still causing problems) and the new architecture seems to be focused more on improvements to usage and new technologies instead of pure raw power.

These improvements include:

Dramatic energy savings for 4k video (up to 9.5 hours according to Intel)
Thunderbolt 3/USB-C support
Improvements to Speedshift

and perhaps best of all, it still fits the same socket as Skylake chips (LGA 1151).