Rumor: GTX 880 and R9 300 Series Specs Leak


Nvidia’s and AMD’s next generation of graphics cards are starting to come into the spotlight around the web. As the Green and Red camp’s supposed launch, later this year, comes closer some “leaked” specs for both parties are rolling out. First up let’s take a look at the GTX 880:

gtx 880 chart rumor

The GTX 880 will utilize a 20nm manufacturing process and have 3200 stream processors, 4GB of GDDR5 memory, and it will be based on the new Maxwell architecture. Additionally, the GTX 880 will be more powerful than the Titan Black and GTX 780 TI, but the Titan Z may still hold the performance crown depending on how well the GTX 880s stream processors scale on Maxwell. So, the next Nvidia card seems somewhat promising, but now it’s time to look at AMD’s rumored offering.

r9 300 series rumor specs

The 370x looks like it will be a bit more powerful than the current 270x, but the 380x may pack quite a punch as the specs suggest it may be somewhere close to the 290x in terms of performance with 3072 stream processors. The high end 390x also looks very promising with 4224 stream processors. Overall, both AMD and Nvidia may have quite the line up later this year, but again these are rumored specs so we shall see how things will pan out down the road.