Razer Refreshes Blade Laptops: Pixels Galore

Razer Blade 14 - 2

QHD+ is all the rage now, though this decision may seem odd.

Since last year’s 14-inch model was dinged due to poor viewing angles thanks to its 1600×900 TFT screen (which was used to increase framerates and lower response times), Razer proceeded to address the problem, and well, they may have overcompensated. Instead of just adding an IPS display and bumping the resolution up to 1080p, they decided to go all-out and jack-up the resolution to 3200×1800.

While the resolution is nothing new for small screens given models such as the Lenovo Yoga 2, Razer’s Blade laptop is specifically a gaming machine. To even run games at 5.76 million pixels, Razer had to bump up the GPU one stage on the pricing tier.

CPU: Intel Core i7-4702HQ Quad-Core
Storage: 128GB SSD (goes to 512GB)
Screen: 3200×1800 IGZO IPS Touch Display

Yet even with Nvidia’s just-announced Kepler 870M chip, there is no way you’re going to run Battlefield 4 on high settings at 60FPS at that resolution. Perhaps most disappointing though, is the abysmally small 128GB SSD that comes with the baseline model which starts at $2,200, up from last year’s $1,800.

To add another odd twist, the 17-inch Razer Blade Pro version will retain its 1080p screen and only sport an 860M, something Razer is calling the “Work & Play” Laptop. It does however, have the RAM bumped up to 16GB, an increasing requirement for design usage.