Happy New Year: Pixel Smashers 5 Year Anniversary

ps new year 33

The new year is now here. It’s 2014, which means it’s time for some cheer. The site is now 5 years old from this exact date and time. The site first went live on New Years day at 12AM eastern. So, of course its time to gather our holiday spirit and remember all of the things about this very website with a nice little tale.

Twas the night before Pixel Smashers, and the site had not yet mattered. It was time to reflect before the search engines could detect. The old schoolers knew that there once was a small faction on a site known as game trailers. They grew a lot together and soon they wanted to have a site of their very own for they felt that their current section had been outgrown. It was decided that a vote should be cast for a website that would last.

The name Pixel Smashers had been chosen and September of 2008 the site had been purchased. A group of members (FacTor-X, Xmachine9900, AssA, and Derangel) were working hard for a good reason and that was to complete the website before the holiday season.

December 2008 was here and the deadline was getting near. December 25th came and went, but no one was bent. Instead we went ahead and targeted the new year to celebrate the launch with some cheer. Two brothers spent all night the previous day unsure if their goal was out of sight. It was coming down to the hour and perhaps they should have showered. They were almost finished and they just had a few more pages to make. Finally, the time came, the site was finished. At the stroke of twelve all of the faction heard a clatter and they arose to finally see, Pixel Smashers: the site that mattered.

We have been through a lot as a community and with your support we will be here to usher in yet another new year. So, I would like to thank the community of Pixel Smashers and to those who have stuck around with us over the years. You guys make it all worth it, and there is no other community that we would want to share the holidays with. Happy New Year!