Steam Autumn Sale Returns

Steam Autumn Sale 2013

As you’d expect. Now go buy the ones you missed from the last one! While the silly consumerist rabble in the USA fight it out in the cold on Black Friday, the glorious PC race can sit comfortably in their warm homes, away from the dirty peasantry. Cozily snugged up to their space heater gaming rig, the wise and warm PC gamer will greedily sift through their new additions in their great Steam library, knowing full well that finishing games is an overrated venture. In fact, many are now finding out the act of simply installing a game is beneath them.

Why waste such valuable time, bandwidth, and hard drive space when the world is filled with hats, kitty videos, and adult entertainment? No comrades! Games are no longer meant to be played! They are now a symbol of our elite status… and we must increase the number of unplayed games we own to rise the ranks of this glorious master society!

From now until December 3rd, we can increase our Steam library status with much greater ease than normal. Go buy those games that you will never play! Gift Terraria those games that everyone already has! No PC gamer shall be left behind!