Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Sam Fisher is back once again as a rogue super spy with only one goal. Same must figure out what happened to his daughter and transform from a super spy into a one man Army.


Coop: The coop plays a major role in the game and it actually ties into the story of the main campaign. Also, unlike previous Splinter Cell games that dealt with coop, each character has more of a personality. You get a better sense that there is actually someone behind each suit when playing as either Archer or Kestrel. When playing online finding a match was pretty easy. The time it takes to find a match varies from about a few seconds to a minute or so. I also didn’t experience too many connection issues.

Action Packed: While it has taken a bit of a back seat compared to other games in the franchise it can be quite entertaining. There is a lot of action with a lot of cool gadgets, gun fights, and explosions.

Graphics: There are some moments which really stand out. The character models have quite a bit of detail and the texture resolution varies depending on the scene and character you are looking at. There’s also, a pretty cool lighting effect when you enter dark areas.

Interrogation: Interrogations use to be a knife to the neck and a pull on the arm, but in Splinter Cell: Conviction Sam gets down and dirty. You can slam people into just about anything and smack them around until you get the necessary info. It’s much more entertaining compared to some of the previous games in the franchise.


DRM: The game requires you to have a constant internet connection. I did not experience any disconnects while playing, but earlier there were many reports of being unable to play the single player portion simply because the servers went down. DRM only hurts legitimate customers in the end. Uplay on the other hand is kind of like Games for Windows Live where you have a bunch of achievements tied to an account. The Uplay system itself isn’t too bad, but the DRM is a turn off. For individuals with a constant connection it’s here and there, but for individuals that travel a lot it’s a big slap in the face as they may not always have an internet connection.

Less Splinter Cell: This game is definitely more run and gun compared to previous games of the franchise. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for everyone as it makes more of the mechanics more accessible. However, when it comes to hardcore fans expecting more of the slow paced stealth oriented approach, Splinter Cell: Conviction lowers the bar. Perhaps this game should have been called 24 and your main character should be known as Jack Bower, not as Sam Fisher. The player doesn’t even get those awesome goggles that pretty much defined the franchise until about two thirds into the single player campaign.

Performance: The game looks pretty good at times, but the performance is really here and there depending on your rig.

Communication: There’s no text chat and voice chat is extremely buggy. The lack of communication is very frustrating at times if you and your squad mate are not completely on the same page with each other. For example, one teammate may be all about running and gunning, while another one may want to play stealth. I did manage to experience both situations. In one game my teammate and I were both stealth and then in another game, my teammate would run out and go crazy. There is a voice chat option, but it is pretty bad. Even when it was working we still could not understand each other. The best way to play coop is to simply find a friend with a microphone and use a third party voice application.


If you don’t mind the DRM and you don’t mind the fact that it’s less of a Splinter Cell game, then yes, you will have a lot of fun. The coop is great with a friend and the single player is pretty entertaining and worth playing. Whether or not this game is worth it really depends on what type of gamer you are. If you are interested in a mix between stealth and action then this is the game for you. However, gamers on either extreme may have some issues.

While the game is more run and gun, it can still punish those who just run right out into an enemy’s face. On the other hand despite the cool lighting effects, it isn’t as stealthy, slow placed, and gadget focused as other games in the series. Overall, Splinter Cell: Conviction is a decent game and for those looking for a fun coop experience with a friend may want to give it a try.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Review by FacTor-X