DOTA 2 Diretide Halloween Outrage Getting Out of Hand


Delays, server problems, and absurd DLC is understandable… but holiday events? Valve has traditionally been sketchy at best when it comes to customer service, so when they neglected to give a Diretide Halloween event for DOTA 2, the years of neglect appears to have finally exploded into an absurd wave of outrage.

Frustrated with the lack of communication, angry gamers have taken to the internet, posting this common message on various social media sites:

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE

It doesn’t stop their either. According to Kotaku, a misspelled sentence written as “daed gaem, Volvo pls fix!” was circulated and as you’d expect, angry DOTA 2 players started to infest Volvo’s Twitter and Facebook pages:

Give Diretide Volvo

Naturally, so was the President’s:

Diretide Obama

Meanwhile, DOTA 2’s Metacritic score has been bombed and various websites like Forbes and GTspirit that have reported on the phenomenon have also been spammed with the message in their comments section.

Thankfully, fellow Smashers need not worry about the onslaught here…. since no one really knows about us. Knock on wood.

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