Nvidia Announces GTX 780 Ti


Nvidia is on the offensive as AMD gears up to launch their flagship R9 290X GPU. AMD is set to launch the R9 290x sometime this November. In addition to releasing G-Sync, to counter any AMD’s attempts to thwart their momentum, Nvidia is going to release the GTX 780 Ti within the same time frame of the R9 290x’s release. Some have speculated that this card will deliver close to Titan performce with less GDDR5 memory. Unfortunaely, all we know so far is that the card will cost around $650, it will be based on the GK110 architecture, and SMX’s(shader multiprocessing engines) (AKA more CUDA cores). What we can say for certain is that next month is going to be an exciting month for PC enthusiasts.

Source: Vr-Zone.com