Gravity Movie Review


What really holds us down? Is it the just the earth or something more deep within us all?

The Good

Visuals and Effects: This is one of those movies where going 3D pays off. Everything from debris flying at you to basic camera pans make the experience that much more gratifying. If you’re going to see Gravity at the theaters go for the 3D!

Actors: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were casted perfectly for their respective rolls. Clooney plays Matt Kowalski a captain who specializes in operating spacecraft and remaining cool in the face of great obstacles. His nonchalance and go-getter attitude is what allows him to construct a plan of attack.

On the other hand, Sandra Bullock’s character Dr. Ryan Stone is more reserved and technical. She has trouble adjusting to sudden and intimidating situations without panicking. This is why Clooney’s role in Gravity is crucial to the oncoming danger and subsequent events that take place throughout the movie.

Tension: There are a lot of moments that throws both the main characters and the audience out for a ride. At every point the audience is unsure of the characters’ survival.

Realism: The catastrophes and scenarios are well within the realm of possibility in today’ world. It’s actually refreshing to see a film that doesn’t throw aliens, zombies, mutants, and a whole host of out of this world Hollywoodesque content.

Theme: The goal of Gravity is to convey that above all of our doubts there is still hope; a hope that drives us to survive and accomplish our goals.

Length: A lot of movies go overboard with duration, but Gravity does it right. At 91 minutes (1 hour 31 minutes) it is the perfect length for this particular movie.

The Bad

Potentially no sequel: There really isn’t much more to add to a movie of this nature. Perhaps more of a sci-fi twist that goes further into the cause of the chaos in space. However, taking a more unrealistic approach may be looked down upon since one of the pros with Gravity is to convey a sense of realism.


While the movie isn’t perfect, it definitely brings both the entertainment factor and the depth of emotion and underlying themes. These underlying themes carry the audience through a very engaging, heartfelt, and enlightening experience. The emotion evoked upon the audience grasps them until the end. Could this be an Oscar worthy film? Well, this depends on what’s going to be released from now until the Oscars. But, it’s easy to foresee a lot of nominations coming towards the director, editors, and actors way. Thus, Gravity is a film that provides superb visuals, great acting, and unmatchable tension compared to other films currently in theaters and we highly recommend it.

Gravity Review by XMACHINE9000