Price Cuts For GeForce 660 & 650 Ti Cards

nvidia green1

What better way to signal the start of the next generation of graphics cards? Okay, so they don’t quite get as much attention as a new generation of consoles, but it’s always nice to be able to get more power for less money. Since we’re already ahead of the curve in terms of graphics processing compared to the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, why not make your budget system be ahead of the curve as well?

GeForce GTX 660 – $180
GeForce GTX Ti 650 “Boost” 2GB – $150
GeForce GTX Ti 650 “Boost” 1GB – $130… seriously? it’s $20 for that extra gigabyte! stop looking at this card!

Sadly, these are USA prices only, and I’ve no idea how much fellow Smashers have to pay for these on other continents. At least your governments are still functioning.

In the meantime, the rest of us will be watching R7 & R9 very closely. I know I will; I’m still running a 5850.