Garrosh, You Will Answer For Your Crimes

Garrosh Hellscream

New patch 5.4 trailer dropped today and it is very interesting.Patch 5.4, which is rumored to be released on Aug. 27th, is titled Siege of Orgrimmar and features a FULLY red Garrosh and some awesome fighting. Garrosh has been turning a deeper shade red for a while know. Some speculate that he is actually a Blood Orc, or something. This has been probably the most anticipated content patch of this expansion.


The trailer gives a lot of information into the island of Pandaria that, as far as I know, haven’t yet been answered. Near the end of the trailer, you see a purple heart that is expelling Sha-type mist. Garrosh comments on how the Pandarians tried to bury their anger. This leads me to think that this “heart” is the source of the Sha in Pandaria. And then Garrosh kicks this Sha-heart-thing into the well, effectively and probably, destroying the Vale of Eternal Blossoms; the only area in Pandaria that is safe from Sha. Bogus move Garrosh… Bogus.



And last but not least, this raises further questions about how the game, as a whole, will eventually turn out. Is this th

e end of the Horde and Alliance factions? Are the (old) Horde and Alliance teaming up to form a new faction? Will players be able to choose which faction they join? Who knows? I certainly don’t. Only time will tell. or Blizzard