SATA-IO Releases SATA 3.2 Specs


The Serial ATA International Organization gives way to some much needed improvements to the SATA specifications. The new standard will support SATA Express, which allows the SATA interface to utilize the PICe bus for bandwidth. This will permit SSDs to utilize up to 2GB/s of bandwidth compared to SATA 3’s 750MB/s bandwidth (without taking into account overhead).

Additionally, SATA 3.2 will support a new M.2 form factor. This new form factor will allow SATA to use the mini-PCIe for laptops and other mobile devices. Other devices will also be compatible with M.2 SATA such as WiFi cards, USB cards, WWAN cards, and more. The new SATA 3.2 specification also includes the following:

….DevSleep, USM, Transitional Energy Reporting, Hybrid Information, microSSD, and Rebuild Assist for reconstructing RAID arrays.

The improved bandwidth is something that has been sought after for a while since SSDs are already capable of saturating SATA 3. PCIe is an obvious solution and has a lot of leg room for SATA to leach off of considering PCIe 3.0 has 16GB/s of available bandwith and PCIe 4.0 will have 32GB/s of available bandwidth.

More information will be released from SATA-IO at the Flash Memory Summit (August 13-15) at Santa Clara.