Indie Spotlight: Grapes Issue

grapes 1

Grapes Issue is a puzzle game currently in development by Equilibre Games. The copmpany was founded by an engineer from France Télécom – Orange, and the team there has experience with “processes management, project management and software design, as well as user experience studies and theory of fun.”

Grapes Issue is a puzzle game for smartphones and tablets. The objective of this game is to collect the best grapes to obtain the best drink. Put your traps beforehand : apple, box, thorn, bee, acid… will help you to eliminate the bad grapes and help the best grapes reach the end.

grapes 2

The game also presents players with a unique art style, which seems to be based on a watercolor-like environment. Grapes Issue is currently scheduled to release in the next few months for iOS and Android.

grapes 3

You can check out their website at: