PS4 to Have 4.5GB of Ram free Instead of 7GB?


Previously sources indicated that the PS4 would most likely have 7GB of RAM available with only 1 core locked, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Eurogamer is reporting that sources from within the industry have gotten confirmation of the amount of RAM used for games in the PS4.

According to their sources the PS4 will have 4.5GB of RAM for developers to use and the potential to use another 1GB if needed. This means 4.5GB will be available by default, but the devs can possibly request up to 5.5GB of RAM if needed. Furthermore, the PS4 will have 6 of its 8 cores available to game developers.

So, 3.5GB of the PS4s 8GB of GDDR5 will be reserved for the OS. The Xbox One, at this point in time, supposedly will have around 5GB of RAM available to Game developers as well. It seems that the main difference between the two consoles is the GPU power and the type of RAM they are using.

The PS4 still has a more powerful AMD GPU integrated into the APU with 1152 stream processors compared to the 768 in the Xbox One. Additionally, the PS4 will use GDDR5 graphics memory that has higher latency, but more bandwidth, while the Xbox One will use lower latency DDR3 RAM and a small 32MB pool of ESRAM to make up for bandwidth differences.

While this is disappointing news for PS fans, at the end of the day the PS4 is still a bit ahead in terms of power with the GPU. Furthermore, games like Killzone: Shadow Fall only used 3-4GB of RAM during their E3 demo. Therefore, existing titles in development most likely wont suffer too bad with less RAM to use. Eurogamer leaves off with the possibility that the PS4 OS could be optimized in a similar fashion to the PS3 to use less RAM in the future.


It seems Eurogamer’s sources goofed up here and game developers are actually reporting that 6GB of RAM will be available.