GTA V PC Petition Nears 250k Signatures

GTA5 8

GTA IV wasn’t exactly the best of PC ports with some bugs and performance issues, but the modding community really took to the game. Yes, there have been some crazy mods on GTA IV as well as visual enhancements. So, PC gamers have been quite enthusiastic about GTA IV in the past despite any of its shortcomings.

Now that GTA V is around the corner, most major consoles will have access to the game. Unfortunately, PC gamers only have hints and rumors regarding a PC version of the game. As a result, fans of the series on the PC have made a petition and it is growing steadily.

At this point in time, the petition is just about to hit 250k signatures with 238,000 current signatures at the time of this post. Other petitions, such as the Dark Souls PC petition, have had success with much less signatures. This means there could be a good chance that Rockstar has at least taken notice of the want for this game to hit the PC platform.

If you are a PC gamer and enjoy GTA games you have nothing to lose if you give this petition a go, and potentially increase the odds of this actually happening. You can find the petition at