JGL casted for Doctor Strange?

There is a rumor going around that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be the Marvel wizard.

I didn’t know to much about Doctor Strange, so I did a little research about him. He is a Marvel character that first appeared in an issue with the Human Torch in the early 60s. He also is “more powerful, by far, than any of his fellow humanoids by Eternity”. Eternity is like the sentience of the marvel universe, according to wiki… confusing. So I guess he is stronger than Hulk:a man who can’t die and Thor: a God. Dr. Strange also hung out with Nick Furry, the gatherer of the Avengers.

I hadn’t known that they were making a Doctor strange movie, but after reading up on him, it makes me thing that he will make an appearance in one of the upcoming Avengers movies. Perhaps taking over for an absence in the third movie? Because lets get real here, They are battling Thanos… someone is going to die. If they aren’t going to kill someone off, then they should make an epic team and add Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfeild’s Spider-Man along with Aquaman. (i cant believe they are making an Aquaman movie :banghead: )



What does everyone think about the 3rd Rock/Inception/Rises actor playing Doctor Strange? I think they looks similar 😀


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