GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer

gta 5 gameplay

RockStar has released the first gameplay trailer for GTA 5 and some of the new features may surprise you.

As you can see above they didn’t play around with this trailer. The first thing you will see is how you can scuba dive and explore the underwater area. You can then jet ski along the beach as well. They also go into more detail regarding the 3 main characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

On a mission, where you have to obtain a certain individual in a building, it seems like you can “cut between vantage points” between these characters on the fly. You can also switch between each character’s daily routines and drop in on their life. Continuing on with the list of things you can do in GTA 5 you can parachute off of high areas, going biking, and plan out your missions. Overall, GTA 5 seems like quite the successor to GTA 4 with a more vivid and enticing gameplay experience.