Rumor: Next Nexus 7 Specs Leaked

nexus 7

When you go to a live support chat with a company and ask an absurd inquisition about their next product, you will most likely get a generic response. However, supposedly this guy got quite the response when he asked Asus about the next Nexus 7. I say supposedly since we don’t know how legite the image is, but nevertheless this is some enlightening details about the new Nexus 7.


As you can see above the new Nexus 7 will sport a 1080p screen as well as deviate from Nvidia’s Tegra GPU offerings in favor of Qualcomm’s offerings. Oddly enought the battery seems to be slightly weaker with 4000 mAh compared to 4,325 mAh on the existing Nexus 7. However, the hardware in the new nexus 7 could be less power hungry than the tegra 3 in the current Nexus 7 tablet. Furthermore, there will now be 2GB of RAM in the device, which is up from 1GB.

There is also mention of the next Android version, 4.3, which will add some minor features as well as OpenGL es 3.0 support. Unfortunately, details such as a mini-hdmi port or a micro SD card slot (one of the major complaints of the previous tablet), are unknown at this point in time.

Currently, The Nexus 7 is rumored to be officially announced towards the end of this month and the product could then launch soon after. So, if you are a fan of Google’s tablets, you may want to stay tuned as the end of this month approaches.