Digital Storm Showcases Their Top PC

Aventum 2 Body

Called the Aventum II, the machine is just oozing with custom parts. Sleeve cabling, metal liquid-cooling pipes, and a credit card destroying price are just some of the things Digital Storm is showing in their new flagship rig.

Aventum 2

Starting at $5,000, the base config gets you some hot stuff:

Intel Core i7 4770K CPU
– 16GB 1600MHz Memory
– Exotic Custom Liquid Cooling
– 240GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD
– 1TB 7200RPM Storage HDD
– ASUS Z87 Chipset Motherboard
– 1050W Corsair 1050HX PSU
– Microsoft Windows 7

All of this is configurable to the level 4 “Ultimate” machine at $9,500 sporting three GTX Titans. Now before you begin to say “for this amount of money, I can build an XX machine and buy a cheap car“, the company probably isn’t expecting anyone sane to actually buy it. Instead, it’s a good showcase on what customizations they can actually do.

Now if they would only offer those nice paint jobs that Falcon Northwest provides…

Digital Storm