Apple Introduces New Mac Pro

Mac Pro 2013

That looks like a reactor straight out of Star Wars. While a lot of our attention has been focused on E3, Apple has also been giving several announcements at the very well timed WWDC. Among them is a new version of Mac OS X, named Mavericks. Not to be confused with the singular word that was so popular during 2008, the OS brings some significant updates to Safari, Finder, and Maps. While boasting over 200 updates, the most important one by far is the ending of the cycle of naming these OS versions after dangerous, flesh-eating cats. No more lions and tigers and… not bears to warp the minds of our children into psychopathic Apple-buying zealots hipsters.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement today (completely quashing the iOS 7 reveal and the Haswell refresh), is the introduction of the long neglected Mac Pro. The designer favorite has long been collecting dust while Apple gave all of their attention to the laptop line. Well, no more! gone is the beautiful aluminum chassis that allowed easy swapping of GPUs and in its place, something that doesn’t appear to allow easy swapping of GPUs!

Behold the new Mac Pro:

Apple Mac Pro 2013

Featuring two Xeon Haswell processors, 1866MHZ DDR3 RAM, and twin AMD FirePro GPUs, the R2D2 R2D2’s cousin Pencil Sharpener Coffee Glass Deathstar Powercore container holding the WMD at the end of Battlefield 3 Mac Pro is sure to fulfill every designers’ hardware needs for the next 6 months. Price most definitely starting above $2,000.