Xbox One Used Game Situation Still Being Debated

xbox one 2

As new reports are surfacing that used games will actually not require a fee. After the negative reaction that was generated from Microsoft’s reveal of anti-consumer features on their new console, the PR teams are now in full damage control mode. One result of this, as Polygon reports, is that the Xbox One may be able to play used games after all; albeit with online authentication.

As their sources explained it, the console would install the used game and authenticate it online, then revoke the privileges of the previous owner. While it’s certainly better than paying full price, it’s still an absurd hassle to go through just to let your friend play one of your games. What Polygon’s sources are figuring however, is that the issue is still being fiercely debated within Microsoft itself.

In other areas of damage control, Microsoft has also been touting their Xbox One cloud system to require an always-on connection for calculating physics and lighting, similar to SimCity. Do I buy it? Nope. The smell of bullshit isn’t difficult to notice.