Harrison: Xbox One Requires Internet At Least Once A Day

xbox controller

So you don’t always have to be online, you just can’t always be offline. Microsoft indeed aimed for the middle when it came to always-online access. While we won’t be experiencing anything like SimCity’s atrocious always-online requirement, Microsoft VP Phil Harrison certainly isn’t making things easy for people in more remote areas:

Kotaku: If I’m playing a single player game, do I have to be online at least once per hour or something like that? Or can I go weeks and weeks?

Harrison: I believe it’s 24 hours.

Kotaku: I’d have to connect online once every day.

Harrison: Correct.

For sure, most Smashers here won’t be affected by this, but for those living in areas where internet access is sketchy (rural areas, mountainous regions, warzones, etc.) this can certainly become a problem, especially taking into account bandwidth caps. Similar to the news on account-bound Xbox One games, we can only hope that none of this is true. In the mean time, if for some reason you lose net access for a prolonged period of time (outage, switching providers), you’ll just have to find a different form of entertainment gaming.

We’ll keep you posted.