The New Xbox Announced: Xbox One

xbox one 1

The new Xbox is here and we have some screens as well as an official name for the system. Yes, Microsoft actually showed the new console and demoed the new features quite thoroughly. They are also calling the system Xbox One because Microsoft wants a platform with all in one functionality. Here is a rundown of what the new Xbox Entails.

  • New version of Kinect with updated sensing technology
  • Built in voice functionality. You can turn on the the system with your voice.
  • You can use voice functionality to switch to live TV instantly as well as browse through an interactive TV guide.
  • Voice commands can also be used to switch to games and music instantly.
  • There are gestures built into the system.
  • You can pinch in with both hands to go to zoom out to your home screen and then you can do the oppoisite to return the program into a full screen focus.
  • All in one system
  • Xbox One can act as a DVR for games
  • The System will be launched later this year

xbox one spec

  • Hardware specs:
    • USB 3.0
    • Blu Ray Drive
    • 8GB Ram
    • 8 Core CPU
    • 500GB HDD
  • 3 operating systems
    • Xbox
    • Windows Kernel
    • Another OS to tie the two together