Reminder: Next COD and Xbox Reveal May 21st


If you have been hiding under a rock from the internet, don’t worry we are here to remind you of what will happen on May 21st. This Tuesday at 10AM pacific (1pm eastern) the next Xbox will be revealed. How do we know this outside of the hype and rumors? Well, a poster on facebook for the next COD as well as a teaser on vine spells it out pretty clearly.

See it live at the new generation Xbox reveal 5.21.13

Call of Duty Ghosts will in fact be at the next Xbox announcement with a new engine. Currently, rumors suggest the next Xbox will have somewhat similar specs to the PS4, which means we can expect to see the system utilize both an AMD GPU and CPU combined on one die to form an APU. Of course more details are just a few days away so stay tuned.