The Next COD game called Call of Duty Ghosts?

cod ghosts

It seems that the next Call of Duty game will branch off a bit from the Modern Warfare series. As you can see above, there is a some leaked box art out on the web from UK retailer Tesco. Furthermore, it also seems that the restructured infinity ward will be at the helm of this project. If you recall there was a character back in Modern Warfare 2 called Ghost and it looks like this game will perhaps follow his past experiences. In fact, there was even a comic called Modern Warfare 2: Ghost.

The story follows Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley in his experiences prior to the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The series focuses on the origins of the character, as well as the origins of the skull-like mask he wears, and other events that take place before he joined Task Force 141.

However, at this point in time it is still unclear exactly what this game will be focused around despite the title. Some rumors are even suggesting this game could be set in the future like Black Ops 2.