Mysterious MGS5 Video: Could it be David Hayter?

mgs 5 choosen

Just when you think all of the mystery with the Phantom Pain *cough* I mean MGS5 was over, we are given this odd video with an anonymous voice actor. The guy in the video aka MR. Oni states that he has voiced many computer animated movies and he also adds that, “I am the one you thought I would be from the start. Look closer detectives. The hint is right in front of you.” Any MGS5 fan would love for this to turn out to be David Hayter as he is still thought to be no longer involved with the Metal Gear Solid Franchise.

The video ends off with the date of June 11th, 2013. Furthermore, the video could actually be a fake and perhaps not an official message. So, is this a real update and who is this mystery voice actor? It looks like we will just have to wait and find out later this year.