Rumor: Next Xbox to Be Announced May 21st and Will Cost $500

next xbox

Microsoft’s next Xbox console may be revealed before E3 afterall. While this generation from Microsoft and Sony is still dragging on it was nice to see Sony announce the PlayStation 4. Microsoft has stayed behind closed doors with their next console, but this could all change this May. This new spark of information stems from Microsoft analyst Paul Thurrott on the What the Tech Podcast.

Thurrot states that he isn’t sure about the online only requirement, but he states that the Microsoft mentions the requirement on the design documents and it says “Must be internet connected to use”. He specifically mentions that the next Xbox (codenamed Durango) will be expensive and will cost either $500 or $300 with a subscription. Additionally, Thurrott suggests that the next Xbox will also have a blu-ray player, possibly lack backwards compatibility, and the system will just be called the Xbox.

Furthermore, Paul suggests that the console will launch sometime this November and rumors from multiple sources also report that the next Xbox console will be announced at some Microsoft event on May 21st, which The Verge also confirms.

Their podcast also start to lead to more speculation on what the online only requirement could be, the other host on the show suggests that perhaps they want to use it to authenticate each game. However, both hosts then began to defend Microsoft’s choice for online only DRM. If you missed it, tensions rose between Xbox fans and Microsoft over the past few days as a result of a Microsoft Employee bad mouthing those who felt the online only connection was the wrong way to go with the console. In fact, a developer from Bioware also chimed in against the Microsoft employee citing Diablo 3 and SimCity as examples of why the the online only route is not the way to go.