BF4 Details Leaked: 720p on Next Gen Consoles (Update)


Perhaps not every next gen game will be 1080p afterall. Now, before you get upset with rage the next gen consoles will in fact support the full 64 player limit along with some of the DX11 high end graphics effects on the PC side of the camp. Last generation consoles (PS3 and 360) will have around the same resolution, but they will have a 24 player limit with some of the effects turned down as well. Furthermore, BF4 will run at a smooth 60fps on next gen systems.

Battlefield 4 is also running on the Frostbite 2.5 engine, which features destruction 4.0, tessellation, and dynamic weather effects. The scale of tessellation is said to be very vast in BF4, which ranges from most of the characters and environments. The 2.5 update to the Frostbite engine will also supposedly improve the graphics to a new level beyond BF3. Additionally, Destruction 4.0 will bring the destruction of entire buildings and match Bad Company 2 in that area.

This whole leak stems from the chiphell forums, which is a Chinese website and these details will supposedly be present in April’s issue of Edge magazine.

Is this the end of the leaked content? Nope, the game will actually be set in 2020 with the US and China as the two main countries attacking each other. Some of the maps you can play on in multiplayer are listed below:

-Diaoyu Island
-Shanghai Bund
-Xizhimen Rush

Some of the aircrafts on the Chinese side include the J20, Y20, and Xianglong. In addition, some of the tanks that will be in the game are the M1A2 TUSK and PLA Type 99. There are also reports that the combat zone for flying has been increased to allow more room for dog fighting.

Now, here is the part where some DLC details leaked out. Apparently the game will in fact have optional micro-transactions perhaps in a similar manner to Deadspace 3. Also, here is a list of maps we can supposedly expect in a DLC purchase later down the road:

-Power station in Dalian
-Daqing oil field
-The great wall of China
-Wake Island (Classic Battlefield Map)

With all of that said, it is important to understand that although this seems to be some interesting details that have leaked out, this could still in fact be false information. So, take all of the details you have read about BF4 with that in mind as it could change come March 27th, which will be the official announcement for the game.


It turns out this information is false. Always be careful with leaked content and rumors. Someone on Neogaf has pointed out the the original poster had some sort of spoiler tag that admitted it was a fake. You can find said spoiler poorly translated in the Chiphell link provided above by highlighting the entire first sentence. It reads something along these lines “I made this up. Please do not kill me.” Well, the guy certainly fooled quite a few people with this post including quite a few other websites out on the net.