Enzotech Extreme-X Heatsink Review

I have been looking for a good, compatible heatsink for my Raidmax Smilodon Case. Because the motherboard folds out, I am limited in my heatsink choices. I found this heatsink at www.newegg.com, and decided to throw it in with my larger order. It also comes with some free arctic silver 5 paste.


Fan: The huge 120mm fan not only cools the CPU, but the ram and mobo. It also clears the nearby ram sticks perfectly.

My Cat: My cat was observing my shenanigans.

Performance: Once in my case and up and running, I started up the Coretemp progam only to see it read around 17C. I believe this is impossible because that is well below room temp. Speedfan said the same thing. Go figure. When I overclocked my AMD 7750 BE from 2.7Ghz up to 3.25 Ghz it idled at 34C and hit 43C under load.


Size: It may be large, but almost all aftermarket coolers are. Not to mention it looks bad@ss.


Cooling- It cut my temps in half!
Looks- Looks bad@ss
Price- Compared to other coolers at the same price, this is easily the best value.
Overall – No complaints, everything works much better than I anticipated

Enzotech Extreme-X Heatsink Review by EliteForce