The Sims 3 Review

The first Sims game gave people the opportunity to enter a new world of simulation with a twist. At the time it brought a lot to the table and later its expansion packs added even more fun to the mix. The second game provided upgraded graphics, a downtown area, and more. Its expansion packs also added a bunch of content into the game.

The third game in the series has now been released, but does it add enough to innovate and bring the same exciting experience like the first two games did? Let’s find out.


Customization: The game let’s you create your own Sim like the previous two games. There are a bunch of options to choose from. You can change your character’s clothing, facial hair, eye and hair color, body structure, etc. However, you can also choose your Sim’s life time goals and attributes. This time around they play much more of a role. If your character is lucky he will actually get luck bonuses. If your character is clumsy, well you are in for a mess of fun.

Span: At first glance the game may seem like a photocopy of The Sims 2, but as soon as you zoom out and take in the span of things, you realize the game has much more to offer than the previous Sims game. Your lot is actually a part of the whole town. Before you would see your house in the town and just click on it only to discover you are isolated to your own space.

In The Sims 3 you can see your neighbor’s house and then zoom out right to the town. You can also walk anywhere and do almost anything without any loading screens. In addition, you can even follow your Sims to work.

Careers: Your Sim can go on various career paths. For this review I maxed out the military and police officer career, as well as play a bit of the science career. It was quite a bit of fun and it didn’t seem as much as a hassle like it was in the previous games. Perhaps the best improvement in this area is removing the family friends requirement. In the past games you would have to juggle around your friends and keep them happy. This seems like fun, but when you have to constantly call eight or more Sims to keep your job or get a promotion it can give you a headache.

Vehicles: Finally they added cars to the game. It’s pretty cool having your own parking area or garage for your own car. If you go down the police officers track you get a police car, but when you max out the career and become a super spy, you don’t get some super spy car, which would have been pretty cool.


Room for Improvement: There are still many things that can be improved on with the franchise. You should be able to actually see your sim work, be able to peer into every building and not just a select few, etc.

Expansions: Every Sim game has a load of expansions. No doubt that there are some on the horizon in store for The Sims 3.


Overall, the game is definitely worth checking out. The Sims 3 is a masterpiece of innovation for the series. It does leave out some content from the previous games, but it sets the stage for the future. It’s definitely worth giving this game a try if you are a fan.

The Sims 3 Review by FacTor-X