Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Review

As the oil crisis increases, China encounters trouble. The Asian government grows weaker and is unable to keep its citizens content. China attacks Russia and the island of Skira, which has rich oil reserves and is under Russian control. Russia is forced to wage war on its borders and seeks assistance from the US to keep Skira under Russian control.


Graphics: The Graphics are quite nice. There are wide and beautiful landscapes depicting forests in the distance with smoke plumes rising behind a hill. As you start out, you will immediately feel a bit light-headed from the graphics and the depth of field effects. Unfortunately, these effects cannot be turned off, but the atmosphere feels nice as the sunsets.

Vehicles: Driving is a bit weird at first. However, when you get the hang of it, the experience becomes incredibly fun. This reminds me of the racing video game Dirt. The main difference between the games is that you get shot at , and missiles are constantly targeting your Humvee. The most fun players experience occurs when driving through enemy emplacements. There is nothing quite like getting hit by an AT missile and having to ditch the vehicle. On another note, maneuvering helicopters is a challenge. When you put the chopper’s nose 90 degrees down, it falls slowly and does not follow designated path instructed by the player. The Chopper fails to turn, and in most cases, it proceeds s in an undesirable direction.


Handling: Although the gun models are accurate, some of them feel a bit weird, especially the CQB mod for the M4 and the M16A4. Even though the guns sound accurately realistic, they don’t represent their real-life counters parts well, for they feel awkward.

AI: The Artificial Intelligence isn’t all that advanced. The first game had much better AI. However, in the new installment, the AI looks like a bunch of bumbling standing there waiting to be shot. Sometimes the AI start returning fire and then thing it gets a bit interesting. But most time, their shots are way off; even the snipers can’t hit anything. At times, your squad may have no idea what they need to do, for they don’t always follow your orders. When they finally follows your commands, you already have gone insane and shot one of them. For example, once I tried to heal my wounded squad member, but every time the medic would get close, the medic would move. This whole ordeal lasted for five minutes while we were being shelled.

Story: The story is bland. It lacks depth and fails to capture the interest of the player. Unfortunately, this miserable storyline was dragged throughout eleven missions, the entirety of the game.

Multiplayer: The game does not have any dedicated servers, it glitches, and it takes a long time to start a game. Players must wait until everyone presses the ready button for the game to commence. In addition, the maps are not fun, and lagging is a huge issue within this game. Another problem is that all the soldiers look the same; they appear to be nothing more than a bunch of clones.


The game is unsatisfactory and fails to meet expectations. The game feels incomplete and repetitive. It runs slow and isn’t properly optimized for the PC. And let’s not forget how much it has been dumped down because of the console market. This game is not worth the $50 price tag. All I can say is Codemasters destroyed the game’s legacy. If you are really into the realistic combat simulators, then we recommend you checkout Armed Assault II.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review by Karambiatos