Aliens Colonial Marines Apology from Gearbox this Week


The Facebook petition for Aliens: Colonial Marines claims it has received word from their industry sources that Sega or Gearbox will give out patch details as well as an official apology sometime this week.

Hi gamers. The 8Gb patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines is in fact a hoax which was posted on twitter. However, we have been able to confirm with sources within Sega, and Gearbox that one or the other, or both companies will be making an official statement this week on what happened to the game between the demo, and its official release. An apology will also be in this statement as well as details on a potential software patch. We will be following these sources very closely this week, and will provide you with the latest info as we get them. ~ Sarge

However, at this time this seems to fall under somewhat of a rumor considering they are talking about anonymous sources. Furthermore, the Facebook post from the petition head states that the 8GB patch was indeed false. If you haven’t been following that ordeal, basically there where rumors that Gearbox was going to revert and fix everything in some sort of massive 8GB update, but unfortunately that expectation was unrealistic.

While we aren’t going to be getting an 8GB patch it will be interesting to see what fixes and updates Gearbox has in store for gamers to rectify some of the major issues plaguing this game. Moving forward this apology is suppose to clarify what exactly happened to the demos shown in the past of a much better looking and polished Aliens videogame.


Unfortunately, there has not been any apology from Gearbox. Gamers will still have to wait and see how this whole fiasco unfolds.