Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Review Roundup

geforce titan

Nvidia’s next card is finally in the open and benchmarks are raining in. The GTX Titan is quite an ambitious card, and it is coming to us right after the PlayStation event. You may be asking yourself why schedule the release date in such a fashion. Well the answer is mostly likely due to the fact that their friends over at the AMD camp have a deal with all console manufacturers for both their CPU and GPU products all while Nvidia is left out of the fun. Not only is Nvidia releasing their own Android console, shield, Nvidia also wants to ensure their desktop market is ahead of the competition.


  • 2688 Stream processors
  • 224 Texture Units
  • 48 ROPs
  • 837MHz core clock (876MHz Boost clock)
  • 384-bit interface
  • 6GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 7.1 Billion Transistors
  • 28nm Manufacturing process
  • GK110 architecture
  • Pice: $1000 USD




I’m sure most of you have glanced at the price and your eyes popped out. This is perhaps one of the first times Nvidia has released a card that performs around it’s dual GPU at such a high price. If you recall the GTX 680 traded blows with the GTX 590 in the past. The Titan comes close to the GTX 690 at times, however the price tag is rather high in comparison to their previous launch methodology.

Unless you have money to throw around it is hard to recommend the Titan at that price considering on average the GTX 690 is a better performer. Even at extreme resolutions the GTX 690 manages to hold itself above the GTX Titan with 6GB of RAM. However, with the GTX 690 you do have to worry about micro-stuttering and power consumption is a bit higher, so if that bothers you, then yes, the GTX Titan would be a better deal. Beyond that Nvidia really needed to take back the single card performance crown and it has successfully managed to take it away from AMD. However, the price just makes AMD’s card the more attractive buy with some of the GHz editions below $500.

There are rumors that this card could be a limited run, so perhaps Nvidia will come out with a 7 series at a cheaper price point, but for now, the card performs great, but at too high of a price point.