PlayStation 4 Announced


The new console is finally in the limelight and it’s time to take a look at what is in store for us. They actually went with the older logo and they plan to have free to play games on the way. Mark Cerny stated that he was proud of the cell processor on the PS3. For the next console he also got feedback from developers in order to make them happy. Sony made the next game platform for game creators by game creators.

ps4 hardware

Traditional PC hardware has been confirmed along with 8GB of RAM. The new controller has also been revealed with a stereo camera and a touchpad. Going back to he hardware, they will in fact be using GDDR5 for system memory.


The PS4 will utilize Gaikai in some areas and you will be able to try games with the service before you buy them. Furthermore, other gamers will be able to see what you are playing, which is similar to OnLive. There will also be remote play and the architecture is built into the PS4. You can Stream games to your PS Vita.


In the future, Sony plans to use Gaikai to put all PlayStation games on the PS4. However, the actual console itself was not shown at the event, but it will launch this holiday in 2013.