Randy Pitchford States That Borderlands Actually Financed Other Projects

borderlands money1

Some individuals have accused Gearbox of using Sega’s money for Borderlands. However, Randy Pitchford has stated the opposite on his twitter account.


A lot of confusion is going on right now and on the flip side it seems that Destructoid managed to get a hold of a developer, which states that Gearbox actually pulled people off of Aliens: Colonial Marines to work on the first Borderlands.

Furthermore, it seems Randy Pitchford has mainly been responding to positive tweets about the game. Some people got so infuriated over the notion that people were enjoying the game that they accused Gearbox of making fake twitter accounts. However, Randy also denied those claims with the following tweet:


Perhaps the most frustrating part about this whole ordeal is the amount of silence and secrecy that gamers have had to put up with. Most fans just want a straight answer with plans on how to fix the game and move forward. Fortunately, Randy Pitchford did leave a bit of a clue that something may be on the way soon when he said the following:


So, hopefully, there will in fact be a plan to move forward and correct the mistakes in this game, but no doubt patience is wearing thin among gamers who purchased Aliens: Colonial Marines.