Randy Pitchford States He was not lying during Aliens Colonial Marine Demos


Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox, has stated that he spoke the truth about Aliens: Colonial Marines in the past. Recently on twitter he was quick to respond to allegations of lying during presentations which showed the game in a different and seemingly more polished state.

While we are not sure what exactly happened behind the scenes with Gearbox and the other studios that chipped in, it is interesting to hear. By now you have probably seen this video by Videogamer.com:

As we can see, entire sections were removed from the game, specifically that awesome scene were a bunch of aliens were overwhelming the player and their sentry turrent out of this small corridor. In addition, the graphics seemed to be much more polished and certain scenarios, such as the ship exploding, were more fleshed out in the demo. Now, when we also go back to some of Randy Pitchford’s presentations, one can see how it could be a bit misleading when the final product didn’t exactly match up with some of those words.

Again, we are not sure what exactly happened, perhaps he did have true intent, but the fact of the matter is that the game isn’t exactly living up to expectations, and people need an official response about how they plan to move forward and help ease some tension soon.