Nvidia Titan GPU Launching on the 18th?

geforce titan

There are a few reports that point to the Geforce Titan, Nvidia’s next GPU, launching in late February. The website videocardz.com saw a post on the Xtremesystems.org forum indicating that the next card looks like a GTX 690. This forum dweller also confirmed that the launch date was correct as well. Videocardz.com also took it upon themselves to confirm with their Asian sources and they also matched what the forum poster had claimed.

Info from TPU and Donanimhaber is correct. Launch date is correct too. I seen Three Titans today (it looks better then GTX 690, too sexy boards), few Magazines has cards for review.

Performance is few percents under GTX 690, numbers from OBR are correct.

Furthermore, upon further investigating it seems that the website PC Perspective hinted at a late February launch back in January before this date of Feburary 18th was marked. So, as you may have already guess the picture above is an obvious photoshop made by yours truly, but the GTX 690 is certainly an awesome looking card and if this Titan GPU looks like the 690 then that would be very nice.

However, the story doesn’t end there. All of the rumors, speculation, and anonymous sources have pinpointed the following specs:

  • 857MHz Core
  • GK110 architecture
  • 2688 CUDA cores
  • 224 texture mapping
  • 48 raster operating units
  • 6GB of GDDR5 memory and a 384-bit interface
  • 28nm Manufacturing process

So it looks like Nvidia may launch a new GPU right before the PS4 announcement on February 20th. Perhaps this may be a slight jab at Sony due to the fact that all next gen consoles seem to be hopping on the AMD Bandwagon. Speaking of AMD, they are also suppose to have a new GPU out this year as well.


As you may have guessed already, the Titan and its reviews have been pushed back a bit. See this post for more details: here