Rumor: Next Xbox Requires Online Connection


Edge-online reports that sources with hands on experience using the new console have stated that the next Xbox will require an internet connection. The reasoning behind this is supposedly to get rid of the second hand market for used games. Furthermore, Microsoft also wants to further integrate their digital download service.

However, the sources don’t end their, these anonymous individuals state that the rumored specs of a DX11 capable GPU combined with some 8 core AMD processor is accurate. Next, they claim that the next Xbox will also support 50GB Blu Ray discs for their physical game copies. Additionally, Microsoft will also release a new version of the Kinect to coicide with the release of the new Xbox console.

Again, it is important to note that a lot of online articles claim to have their sources and these sources claim to have seen or used the next console whether it be on the Microsoft or Spny side. So, it is important to note that this one is a rumor, but a rumor that if true would be quite interesting an potentially isolating to some customers.