Rumor: PS4 to be Announced Feb. 20th


Sony has launched a new mysterious campaign on the internet that has people jumping up and down to see the PS4. Unfortunately, the ad itself is quite vague, but of course that doesn’t stop speculators from anticipating a new PlayStation console from being displayed.

If in fact the next PlayStation is shown on the 20th at 6pm eastern, then this would mean Sony could beat Microsoft to the punch as opposed to last cycle where the Xbox 360 was the first to the market. At this time the specs are also a bit questionable, but they hint at an 8 core AMD processor, around 4GBs of RAM, and an AMD 7970m GPU.

While the specs aren’t much to write home about on the PC side, compared to previous generation consoles, this is quite a leap in performance. This means native 1080p for most games is indeed achievable with better visuals added into the mix.

If you are worried that you will forget the announcement you can also subscribe to their mailing list on Sony’s website. While all of this seculation is up in the air, one thing is for sure, if this announcement isn’t the PlayStation 4, quite a few people will be banging their heads against their walls.