Razer’s Gaming Tablet Packs a Punch

Razer Edge Tablet

Originally conceived as “Project Fiona”, the renamed Edge Tablet is capable of running some new games at decent frame rates.

Part of the reason is the internals:

CPU: Core i5 or Core i7 (Ivy Bridge)
GPU: NVidia Geforce 640M LE
RAM: 4 – 8 GB
HD: 64, 128, and 256GB SS configurations
Screen: 1366×768
Others: USB 3.0, HD cam, HDMI

According to Engadget, the Edge is capable of running Dishonored at a respectable 59FPS, while Dirt: Showdown manages 41 FPS.

Razer Edge Tablet 2

The different configurations are also offered in separate bundles, some with the two-stick controllers, others with a keyboard dock.

Razer Edge Tablet 3

No word yet on battery life, though one shouldn’t expect much. Minimum system specs start at $999.