Radeon 8000M Series Shows Up

radeon graphics 1

Not the desktop variant sadly, but more power to the portable gaming world can’t hurt. Based on AMD’s 28nm GCN architecture, the next generation graphics chips for mobile platforms is underway. Previous features available only for the high-end 7000M series will now begin to shift into the more budget-minded category as AMD positions several chips to compete with NVidia’s common 650M chips and their weaker brethren:

AMD 8000 slide 3 bigger

Sadly, AMD marketing found it advantageous for them not to put the chart in actual frame rates. Don’t be fooled by the bars though as performance gains are around 20% – 75%, not bad, but not several times as fast as the graphs would seem. We’ll just have to rely on the benchmarks for a better comparison later. Here’s some stats:

AMD 8800 slide 2

You can find the rest of the slides at the source.