MIPS vs ARM: Imagination Technologies Buys MIPS Technologies

Imagination Technologies, which provides the PowerVR GPUs that are used in Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPad is making a game change. The company has purchased MIPS Technologies for $60 million with various patents included. Imagination Technologies plans to take a stab at ARM with a MIPS based CPU. Combined with their GPU designs and capabilities, having an efficient and powerful CPU in tandem with their GPU know-how, will make them a bigger player in the market.

The strategy is to combat ARM’s new Mali GPU, which is designed to compete with mobile GPUs such as Qualcomm’s Adreno GPUs, Nvidia’s Tegra GPUs, and Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR GPUs. So, instead of the company dying off slowly to the likes of ARM, they plan to mix things up a bit with MIPS based hardware.

Source: Dailytech.com