Windows 8 Interface Already Sued For Patent Violation

Naturally, they wait until after the operating system was released. First it was Microsoft having to remove the “Metro” name from Windows 8, now its a company called SurfCast suing for infringment on four of their patents. Notably this one:

The description of the patent:

From this standpoint, the suit might actually seem legit as this patent was granted in 2004, though it never had anything to do with “tiles”. However, if you just line up a bunch of application buttons and put them in squares, it really doesn’t seem like an invention that should have been granted. (I’m sure someone could probably find prior art similar to this)

Keep in mind that SurfCast doesn’t actually have a product from this patent, it just appears to be holding it, a common behavior for notorious patent trolling firms. Considering this is the first time we’ve even heard of them during the Windows 8 testing period, that title appears to be true.

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