Origin Boasts 30 Million Accounts

With 4.4 Million of them actually having paid for something. Origin is still growing folks, with EA’s large library and sales, support from other developers (now up to 70) throwing their titles into the service only increases it.

The 30 million account increase (up from 21 million accounts a few months ago) is a pretty big spike and EA has confirmed that 13 million of those are have access from mobile platforms. Of the mobile platforms alone however, EA reports that the average money spent via mobile to average around $64 per account. This would also make Origin a slightly different beast than its biggest PC counterpart, Steam.

Whether or not the recent Origin free game leak has anything to do with this remains to be seen.

Though the 4.4 Million actual paying accounts would probably suffice as the real number for player activity, a 30 million user base is certainly ripe for game sales.

Electronic Arts