EA to Honor Sales from Coupon Exploit

The weekend has been rather interesting for EA’s Origin service. It all started with a coupon code that let gamers go onto the Origin store and get $20 off quite a few games. The key here is that the coupon was used on games that were $20. So, in affect this transaction let individuals obtain games for free from EA’s website.

EA community manager, Sam “QforQ” Houston confirms that gamers who used the code will be able to keep their free games.

Hi everyone,

The coupon code is now expired; we’ll honor all sales made with the coupon code over the weekend and hope fans enjoy their games.

The Origin page was in fact hammered to a crawl. It is unknown how many individuals actually took part in the exploit, but perhaps it was enough for EA to turn the exploit into some sort of promotional gesture. In fact, it is rather big of them to honor these exploited sales.

Unfortunately, since the promo ended early, there are supposedly a few gamers who legitimately got the coupon code from EA and did not get a chance to use it on a purchase.


If you thought EA couldn’t have gotten a better reputation bonus than letting people keep free games you are wrong. EA has now stated that those who legitimately received the survey coupon code will get another email with a new $20 discount code. Of coruse this time I doubt they will use a universal code like before.

Hi everyone,

Last week, we emailed some Origin users in North America asking them to participate in an online survey, and offered a promo code for $20 off their next Origin purchase in return for completing the survey. Unfortunately, due to some misuses of the promo code, we had to discontinue its use early before its stated expiration date.

We wanted to clear up the confusion: all users that completed the survey will receive an email soon (in the next 1-2 days) which will contain a new code for $20 off a purchase of any EA game on Origin priced $19.99 or above.

Thank you again to all users that took the time to provide us with feedback about Origin.